Housing process

Where do I find my MU student ID number, username and password?

You will need to know your username and password to complete your preference form and your housing & dining contract.

Check your application status to find your student ID number and username. Learn more about your username and password from the Division of Information Technology.

Converted Spaces

How do I know if my room assignment is a converted space? 

If you have been assigned to a converted space, your assignment in the Housing Portal will clearly indicate that your room is a converted space. 

I received an assignment in a converted space. What does that mean? 

With a strong demand for on-campus housing for 2023-24, we are converting some studies and lounges to be bedrooms. We have also added furniture to some larger rooms that easily accommodate another person. This process is common in peer universities to address housing needs. MU Residential Life has successfully converted spaces many times before. 

I am concerned my room will be very different. What should I expect? 

We are deeply committed to providing the groundwork for a positive living experience. All spaces have been thoroughly assessed to ensure they provide plenty of space and include very similar furniture and amenities. Here are the differences:

  • Instead of built-in closets, there will be wire-rack garment storage or free-standing wardrobes.
  • In some spaces, the rooms will be carpeted instead of a hard surface.
  • You will have a hard key for room entry rather than an electronic lock. 
  • The furniture in all converted spaces is very similar to the furniture in the remainder of the building, but you could either have a loft-able bed or a bunk-able bed. 


I want to make sure when I move in that I can unpack and settle in. Is this a temporary assignment? 

This is a permanent academic year assignment. You can unpack and settle in without concern that this is a temporary assignment!

I would prefer a different assignment.  How can I change it? 

In our experience, the converted rooms are very well liked. After you move in, take time to connect with your community. If you still want a different room assignment after classes begin, you can submit a room move request later in the fall semester.   

Will my room rate be different if I’m assigned to a converted room? 

We have assessed all rooms and have worked hard to ensure very similar amenities and space. The rates associated with these rooms are the same as those for non-converted rooms.  

Roommates & suitemates 

How do I contact my roommate or suitemate?

Log in to the housing portal with your username and password. Your roommate's name and email will be displayed for you to reach out to them. Start checking your MU email address to see if they have already reached out to you!

General questions 

Why are first-time college students required to live on campus?

National research shows that students who live in university housing are more successful. We know from our own data that students who live in Residential Life facilities are more likely to stay in school and graduate in four years than students who do not.

Can I move off campus mid-year?

No. University policy requires first-time college students to live in Residential Life residence facilities. Your contract is for a complete academic year. All residents who have signed a legal contract are required to fulfill their responsibilities.

How do I know what to pack? 

We have a downloadable move-in checklist to help you organize what you need to pack and what items will be provided to you. It also explains which items are not allowed in your residence hall room such as air fryers, toasters, space heaters, etc.

Can I bring a Service Animal/Emotional Support Animal/Pet to campus? 

Yes, you can bring an animal to campus. Please review our Animal FAQ for a more detailed outline of the process, depending on if you're planning to bring a pet or a Service/Emotional Support Animal. 

What is gender-inclusive housing?

This option is available throughout our housing options and may be requested in the Gender-Inclusive Housing Agreement in your preference form. This housing option is not designed for romantic partnerships. Our office will follow up with you to gather more information about your request.