Why are freshmen required to live on campus?

National research shows that students who live in residence halls are more successful. We know from our own data that students who live in our halls are more likely to stay in school and graduate in four years than students who do not.

What is a FIG?

Freshman interest groups comprise 15–20 students who live near each other and enroll in some of the same general education classes. In addition, members enroll in a one-credit-hour course together their first semester to help with the transition to college life. We will have more detail about specific FIGs in the spring.

How do I find my myZou user name?

You will be notified of your user name and instructions for setting up a password within a day or two after applying for admission. Your user name can also be found in your acceptance letter and email from Admissions. To set your password, visit, click the Create a Password link and follow the onscreen instructions.

Why can’t I choose my own room?

Our experienced staff reviews the preferences of all incoming students — more 5,000 people — and assigns room in order to accommodate the greatest number of preferences for the largest number of students. Our process is designed to reduce stress and frustration and result in a room assignment that meets more of your individual preferences.

Is there a way to rank my preferences in order of priority?

No. Our goal is to find a room that matches as many of your preferences as possible, with priority given to your roommate and learning community or FIG of choice.

How many times can I change my preference form? 

You can change your preference form as many times as you like. Updating your form does not change your priority submission date.

Do I have a roommate? How do I contact my roommate? 

Unless you’re in a single room, you most likely have a roommate. You’ll get your roommate’s name and email as soon as you’re both assigned.

Why didn’t I get all the stuff I asked for on my preference form?

When we assign rooms, we prioritize what’s going to contribute most to your academic success. So the first criteria we look at are your FIG and learning community. After FIGs, we look at roommates. Finally, we work to fulfill as many of your preferences as we can.

To assign roommates, we need to have mutual agreement. Make sure your roommate tagged you in their preference forms. Also, make sure they submitted their housing and dining contract and paid their enrollment fee.

Returning students have first pick of our housing inventory. Next year, you'll enjoy be able to select your specific room.

I don’t like my assignment. What can I do?

You can release your assignment, if you want. Keep in mind that returning students get first pick of rooms, so if you release your assignment, you’re going to be choosing from a much smaller inventory. To release your assignment:

  • Log into your preference form with your PawPrint and password;
  • Confirm that you are releasing your assignment;
  • Update your preferences; and 
  • Submit your new preferences.

Can I move off campus mid-year? 

No. University policy requires freshmen to live in Residential Life residence halls. Your contract is for a complete academic year. All residents signed a legal contract are required to fulfill their responsibilities. 

For more information, email or call 573-882-7275.