Mizzou is home to four different neighborhoods: College Crossing, Truman Central, Southwest Village and Honors College. Each neighborhood offers easy access to dining options and resources to maximize your Mizzou experience.


College Crossing offers our most affordable housing, robust dining options and more parking spaces for students with cars. College Crossing is home to our STEM, CAFNR, engineering and journalism communities. Take a virtual tour of College Crossing.


Want a great view of Memorial Stadium from your room? Southwest Village is the place to be with easy access to athletic events and Greek town. This neighborhood is home to business and education communities, among others. Take a virtual tour of Southwest Village.


Just steps from MizzouRec and the MU Student Center, Truman Central is perfect for any student who wants to stay close to campus activities. Truman Central is home to our global leaders, health professions, nursing, ROTC and returning resident communities. Take a virtual tour of Truman Central.


Honors students make their home in Mark Twain, which is dedicated entirely to students enrolled in the MU Honors College. Take a virtual tour of Mark Twain Hall.