Housing assignments

At Mizzou, we take the stress out of finding a room. After Dec. 1, you may complete a housing preference form, which helps us understand what kind of environment you need in order to thrive at Mizzou. 

Please understand that the preference form gives you opportunity to express your preferences, not select a room. We will find a room that meets as many of your preferences as possible.

Scroll down to learn how to complete your preference form and how we use it to find your room.


Don't worry if you don't know exactly what you want — there's no need to rush.
You can change your preferences any time between Dec. 1 and Feb. 6 and still be included in the first round of room assignments.

Completing your preference form

FIGs and Learning Communities 

  • Some students request to live in a FIG or LC to meet other students in their academic interest areas right away.
  • Because FIGs and LCs are location-based, requesting one will determine where you live.
  • All halls have similar amenities — the important thing is you’ll be living with other people that have your same academic interests.


  • Requesting a roommate is totally optional (in fact, most students don’t).
  • If you want to request a roommate, make a plan, call or meet up, and make sure you aren’t asking for conflicting preferences.
  • If you pick different FIGs or LCs, you won’t be roommates, but you can still be friends!

Room style 

  • Request either double (roommate in your room) or single (no roommate) room style.
  • Next, request community-style (traditional hall style with community restrooms) or suite-style.


  • Neighborhoods include College Crossing, Park View, Southwest Village, and Truman Central. 
  • Each corner of campus is unique, but every hall includes internet, cable tv and unlimited laundry.


Preference Form (open Dec. 1)

Housing and Dining Contract (open Dec. 1)

Important Dates

Frequently Asked Questions