About Us

We pride ourselves on supporting Mizzou students by providing an environment in which they can live, learn and thrive. From our student staff to our full time staff, our goal is to help students feel at home.

Our Values

At the University of Missouri, four values serve as the foundation of our community: Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, and Excellence. Though we are diverse, these common values bind us together and hold us to a higher standard.

As Tigers, we respect the individuality of our fellow community members. We value each other and this great campus. You will find us greeting one another, eating together, forming friendships that will last a lifetime, and caring for our campus.

As Tigers, we are the caretakers of this great institution; we are responsible for its future. As responsible members of this elite group, we take ownership of our actions, and act as positive members of the community. You will find us holding each other accountable when mistakes have been made, and working proactively to address those concerns.

As Tigers, we seek out new challenges and embrace learning in all forms. Understanding that education is a lifelong journey, we recognize the value of our fellow community members in our own learning. You will find us studying in groups and sharing our aspirations and dreams with one another.

As Tigers, we strive for excellence. We work diligently and ethically in pursuit of our own personal definition of success. We celebrate each other, and commit ourselves to helping each other succeed. You will find us motivating each other and cheering the successes of our community well beyond our time at Mizzou.

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Residential Life

0780 Defoe-Graham Hall, 901 Hitt Street

Columbia, MO 65211


Phone: 573-882-7275