Moving Out

Spring 2024

If you do not have a summer 2024 housing contract, you must move out by noon May 11.

If you have a summer contract and are living on campus this summer, transition to your new summer assignment on summer transition day. You will receive more information about your summer assignment in early May.

If you or immediate family are graduating, or you are serving as commencement staff, you may submit a late stay request form through the Housing Portal starting March 27. All late stay requests must be submitted by noon on Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

Your late stay request must be approved. Reasons to submit a late stay request form include graduation or working on campus to support graduation activities. Requests for gaps in lease or travel WILL NOT be approved.

How to Check Out of Your Room

  1. 1 in gold circle

    Remove all personal belongings.

    Remove all personal belongings from your room and any shared spaces. Students who leave behind items will be charged, regardless of whether the student comes to get their item(s). Current fees are $25 per small item or standard large trash bag or less and $50 per appliance or furniture item.

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    Clean your room.

    Clean your room and take your trash to the dumpster.

  3. 3 in gold circle

    Check your mailbox.

    Check your mailbox and retrieve packages from the desk.

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    Update your permanent address.

    Update your address in MyZou to make sure you receive mail.

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    Complete a Check-Out Form.

    When you are ready to check out, complete a check-out form in the Housing Portal. If you live in Discovery, Excellence, Respect, Responsibility or a converted room with a hard key: Return all assigned keys and/or fobs to the front desk. Keys not returned will result in a lock change and charges of $85–$170 added to your account.

Don’t forget to check out. By checking out, you indicate you have left your room and won’t be returning. Your door access will no longer work once you have checked out. Access Housing Portal

Empty and clean your room

  • Triple check that all personal items are out of your room. This includes all belongings, trash and unwanted items.
  • Any items left behind may result in an abandoned property charge of $25 per 32-gallon trash bag and/or $50 per large item (minifridge, furniture or other items that cannot be placed in a trash bag).
  • Do not leave items in common area spaces.
  • Floors, including in the closets, should be swept and mopped. All furniture, including inside drawers, should be wiped down.
  • Close and lock windows.
  • Take trash to the dumpster and cardboard to the appropriate recycling bin. During move-out, additional dumpsters are placed on campus for your use. Do not leave trash in your room or pile trash in the hallway or trash room.

  • Mail and packages

  • Don’t forget to check your mailbox before you leave and retrieve any packages.
  • Update your permanent address in MyZou. This is the address used to forward your mail once the halls close, so you do not need to fill out a change-of-address card through the Postal Service. If we do not have a forwarding address for you, all mail received will be returned to the sender. Contact any companies that you use to purchase things online and change your address to your home or summer address. We will not forward magazines, catalogs or coupons.
  • Residential Life will only be able to forward packages from USPS. Items from other carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, etc.) generally require additional postage to be resent, and will not be forwarded. Residential Life will only hold items for 30 days.

  • Don't forget your bike

  • All bicycles outside residence halls will be removed after May 20 — except bikes outside summer housing locations at Gateway and Defoe-Graham.
  • Abandoned bicycles at Tara will not be removed until Summer 2024. Bike removal in Tara will occur at a later date in the summer. Specific information will be provided closer to May.

  • Travel Safe

    If you’re flying, check with the airline before you leave to see if they anticipate any issues with your flight. For info about air travel, visit TSA's website.