Your success is paramount to us. We want your experience at Mizzou to be one of learning and thriving. 

That experience starts with living on campus. National research shows that students who live in university housing are more successful. We know from our own data that students who live in university housing are more likely to stay in school and graduate in four years than students who do not.  

University policy requires first-time college students* to live in university housing.

When you live in university housing, you belong to a community that supports and encourages your success. You're close to resources and organizations that are vital to your academic success and help you develop your leadership skills. You also form relationships that will last a lifetime. No other housing option can give you all that value.

Like most SEC schools and Missouri schools that do not have commuter-student bases, the University of Missouri requires first-time college students* to live in university housing. Mizzou allows exceptions for students who:

  • Are 21 and older;
  • Are enrolled in fewer than six (6) credit hours;
  • Live in a recognized fraternity or sorority chapter house or other approved student organization housing facility;
  • Are veterans;
  • Are married or student-parents;
  • Live with their parents or legal guardians within 60 miles of campus; and
  • Live in a property they or their parents or legal guardians own within the city limits of Columbia, Missouri.

If you fall into one of the above categories, please visit the Housing Portal under "Housing Forms" to access the exemption form.

We hope you enjoy the many benefits of living in university housing and continue to stay with us throughout your academic career at Mizzou.


*First-time college (FTC) students are those who are enrolled at Mizzou for the first time and who have not previously attended another college or university, regardless of when they graduated from high school. Taking part in college-level classes, testing or summer sessions are not considered enrollment.