Live at Mizzou

You have four easy steps to secure a room next fall.

1) Apply to Mizzou

You must apply for admission to Mizzou before you can complete the housing preference form. Once you are admitted, you will be able to also submit a housing and dining contract.

2) Complete a housing preference form

Your housing preference form tells us what you need to thrive at Mizzou, including whether you want a specific FIG, learning community or roommate. The preference form is available online starting Dec. 1 to students who have applied for admission and requires a $25 non-refundable one-time processing fee.

We care about your success! Mizzou requires freshmen to live in the residence halls because students who live on campus are more likely to stay in school and graduate on time.

3) Submit your housing and dining contract

The housing and dining contract is available to admitted students starting Dec. 1. When you submit your contract, you will be asked to make a $325 pre-payment, which is applied to your university room and board charges. You can pay now, or ask to have your financial aid award applied to this expense. Learn more about dining plans at Mizzou.

4) Relax!

We will find a room that matches as many of your preferences as possible, with priority given to your roommate and learning community or FIG of choice. Then, we will email you when your room assignment is available.


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