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At Mizzou, all freshmen are required to live with Residential Life in university housing. This policy significantly boosts student retention and four-year graduation rates.


Your new home is waiting for you! Follow our housing process guide to prepare for life on campus: 

0. Accept Admission and pay enrollment fee

Once admitted, accept your admission and pay your MU enrollment fee. You will receive all your information, confirmation notices, and more in your MU email. Find instructions for setting up your MU student email account on the General Info tab of your Application Status Page. After this, you will be able to continue with the housing process phases.

1. Complete your housing & dining contract

University policy requires freshmen to live in university housing. The housing & dining contract is open in the Housing Portal with a non-refundable $100 application fee. 

  • Dec. 23-April 15: Complete the housing & dining contract and application fee to receive an access time in the Standard Room Selection Period, based on when you completed it.

After you successfully complete this phase, a confirmation will be sent to your MU email. Set up your MU email inbox if you haven’t already. If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please review to see if you missed anything. If you’re still unsure why you haven’t received an email, reach out to Residential Life.  

You will need to know your MU student ID number, username and password to complete your housing and dining contract. Check your application status to find your student ID number and username. Learn more about your username and password from the Division of Information Technology.

2. Sign the values agreement and create your housing profile

Complete this in the Housing Portal by April 15 to avoid housing delays. Signing the agreement and completing your housing profile is required, but searching for a roommate is optional. 

  • March 1: Values agreement is available to sign and roommate search begins. See potential matches based on your profile. 
  • April 15: Deadline to complete your contract and housing profile without housing delays. 

After this phase, do the following:

  • Spend time researching neighborhoods and halls. Prepare a list of your top three halls and room types. That way, if your first choice isn’t available, you can quickly move to your second choice during room selection.
  • If you’re in a roommate pair, discuss these choices with each other so you’re on the same page. Use this worksheet to keep tabs on your preferences!

3. Pick your room

In late April, your assigned access time to pick your room will be sent to your MU email. 

  • Who picks first?
    • Honors student access
    • Early access
    • Standard room selection

In May, log into the Housing Portal during your assigned access time to find your new room! More information will be published here as we approach this phase.

Housing Process 101 Webinar 

Watch our Residential Life webinar to listen to Dr. Tyler Page, Director of Residential Life, walk you through the housing process!

Additional Information

Honors Student Timeline

Honors students are among the first to choose their room. This is called the Honors Access, held before Early Access. Learn more about applying to the Honors College

Who picks first?

  1. Honors student access
  2. Early access
  3. Standard room selection

Need Housing Accommodations?

If you need a housing accommodation due to a disability, start this process as soon as possible. You must be registered with and approved by the Disability Center by April 1 – this takes time, so we highly encourage starting now.

You must also complete phase 1 and 2 of the housing process to be eligible for special housing consideration. These steps must be completed by April 1 to be reviewed for assignment to an ADA accommodation prior to standard room selection. Review the full process here


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