Summer is the perfect time to be at Mizzou. Living on campus over the summer months makes it easy to catch up, dig deep or branch out. It's also simple and affordable. 

Moving in

When your move-in day arrives, simply go to the front desk of Hawthorn Hall to check in between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.


Front desks are staffed between 9 a.m. and midnight. 


Explore summer dining plans on the Campus Dining Services website. 


Do I have to be enrolled?

If you currently are an MU student, you don't have to be enrolled in classes for the summer term to live on campus this summer. If you are an incoming student, however, you do need to be enrolled for the summer term.

Do I need a housing contract?

Yes. You need to submit a housing preference form and a summer housing and dining contract.

Where will I live?

You’ll be in the Truman Central neighborhood, just steps from MizzouRec and the MU Student Center. Doubles, singles and suites also are available in Defoe-Graham, Dogwood, Galena and Hawthorn.

What does it cost?

Less than you might think. Sign up for a full summer for the best rates — it's like getting a month's rent free!

All summer (May 20–Aug. 8)

  • Single
  • $1,755
  • Double
  • $1,255


First 4-week session (May 31–June 28)

  • Single
  • $877.50
  • Double
  • $627.50


Second 4-week session (June 30–July 27)

  • Single
  • $847.24
  • Double
  • $605.86


How do I sign up?

Just complete the preference form and contract below so we can have your room ready by May 20. 

Preference Form

Summer Housing Contract